My Story

I was born in August 1965 in Illiers Combray. My mother’s exceptional cooking and my father’s passion of wine set the scene for refined and elaborate Sunday meals.

Aged 5, I was found in front of the stove preparing onion soup. But it was during my school years that the desire to become a chef was born. I started by learning pâtisserie.

In 1982, with my newly acquired pâtisserie diploma, I began to study cooking from Maurice Cazalis, a France Master Chef at the Henri IV restaurant in Chartres. A year later, I won the Eure-et-Loire Best Apprentice Award.

In 1983, I started working at the the Pavillon Henri IV in Saint Germain en Laye as Commis Chef.

Working alongside Marcel Lefaou, one of France’s Master Chefs and a member of the Culinary Academy, I climbed the ladder that led me to win the 1983 Best Apprentice Award in France. This title opened the doors to the President’s Elysée palace kitchens, where I became Chef de Partie under the command of Joel Normand MOF 1982 and Bernard Vaussion.

In 1986, I joined the restaurant La Marée alongside Gérard Rouillard MOF 1979 where I perfected my work with fish. Two years later, I was called to Geneva to participate in the opening of the Grütli café.

In 1992, with the help of my wife, I opened my own restaurant in Marcel Proust’s village, Illiers Combray. The restaurant became successful very rapidly, with regular orders of sauces to take-away. At the request of a local deer breeder, I developed a range of sauces and ready meals in jars. A new adventure began.

I created my first preserves at the “Bergerie Nationale” in Rambouillet, under the leadership of the company’s technical director.

From my meetings with Jean Claude Noël, a passionate perfectionist, I realised that it is possible to link gastronomy and preserves.

Putting my experience at the service of the food industry, I installed a bespoke kitchen in the Haute-Savoie region, near the France-Switzerland border to dedicate myself to the creation of new products and the enhancement of local produce.


Hervé Priolet

Hervé Priolet, former cook at the President’s Elysée palace and winner of the 1983 Best Apprentice Award in France, has spent the past 25 years building his culinary expertise in the gourmet-catering sector. Since 2008, he creates a variety of ready-to-use sauces and refined dishes, in his bespoke kitchen in the Haute-Savoie région, near the France-Switzerland border.

An expertise in gourmet and culinary creations

Thinking, inventing and creating artisanal recipes of exquisite sauces and culinary dishes, and consistently enhancing gourmet traditions… that is Hervé Priolet’s expertise. The chef creates his own recipes with finely selected local products, completely free from colouring and preservation agents.

Creation and development of recipes for premium food manufacturers


Creation of recipes

Hervé Priolet develops and fulfils your recipes according to your specifications, taking into account thematic and flavour requirements.

Advice and support in the development process

Once agreed upon, these recipes can be prepared in your facilities and adjusted according to your specific manufacturing equipment.
A variety of ready-to-use gourmet sauces and culinary side dishes, courtesy of Hervé Priolet.

Dedicated to individuals

A range of more than 50 products: unique ready-to-use sauces (hot and cold) and exceptional culinary dishes (vegetable mousse, traditional dishes, etc.) presented in different-sized jars. Their low fat and sugar content allows you to associate pleasure with a balanced diet.
These products are available through our network of retailers (butcheries, delis, boutiques selling regional products, etc.).

Dedicated to professionals

Herve Priolet’s entire range is available and can be delivered in specific packaging to catering professionals. Please contact us! The company has its own accredited bespoke kitchen located in Bonne, Haute Savoie.
 All our recipes can be manufactured and packaged on demand.